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Originally Posted by sdunlimited View Post
Definitely familiar with the Redhook tours! I'll be working this Saturday, though.

Will you guys be getting any videos of the car going at any point? That would be neat to see.

For maintenance on my car, here's the list I'm looking to tackle this summer:
- Essential: Timing belt and pulleys (prob water pump too while in there)
- Essential: Valve cover gasket and/or AVCS line and/or turbo oil return line (one of these is leaking oil and I get the well known 'burnt oil smell' through the pass side floor vent.)
- Needed: Struts - just trying to track down some stock/oem inserts but they're hard to find and everything is expensive. New top hats too
- Optional: motor mounts, shifter bushings, ball joints, steering rack bushings

Plus, I burnt through my summer tires last year thinking I'd be hooked up with new ones by now but no such luck.
Basically I want to keep this thing on the road and running good for a long time. I still haven't tired of it and love to drive it!
Hah alright, I figured you would, but im never sure hah

Yeah we should have videos, there's a video of our engine in the dyno and the exhaust glowing but it's nothing too special...soon.

Yeah timing is really important...I'd probably do that to my car but im unsure if my car will live till then. If it does its theoretically becoming a rally car heh

Do coils! (Aka, why stock?)
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