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Originally Posted by sweater914 View Post
GM took some design elements from the 1st gen Camaros, did you expect them to clone the your '69 for todays market? My wife had a '68, as much as enjoy the shape of the car, the damn thing stops like an 18 wheeler, the body flexes like a rubber band, and interior design left you sliding in your seat. For 1960s tech it did OK.

To call the current car a "turd" given the current crop of choices isn't realistic. The safety mandates, crush zones, and market conditions dictate, to an extent, the size and weight of the vehicle to meet a price point. At least GM went to Holden to design an adequate suspension, Brembo for brakes, and Tremec for a tranny, Chevy's never had a problem building a pushrod V8.

We would all like a 2400lb, 450hp V8, RWD, two door for $20K, unfortunately you'll have to build your own in your shed.
Very true, although my immediate concern is the truck bed cap snapping the lumber holding it up and becoming an unintended Camaro hood ornament...
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