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Originally Posted by Dirt Bringer View Post
The recommended tire pressure is a compromise for comfort and performance. The tires are rated to 44psi, and while they will likely change in shape somewhat by increasing air pressure within these numbers, it is not likely to be hugely significant to the point of changing the tread life. Traction is also a relative point depending on conditions. If you are running higher tire pressure you may experience slightly less traction but it is not likely to be a very significant difference unless the tire pressure is massively higher. I believe the Mazda 3 ( a lighter car) uses the same tires as this car but recommends a tire pressure of 36 or 38 on the door sill (had to adjust a friends tire pressures recently).
but the suspension isn't the same, same tires, completely different cars.

i typically run tires at higher pressures than what is recommended, even 3psi over will greatly reduce the innermost treadlife. the last 2 set of tires I have had on my buick i ran at 38/36 when recommended is 32/30. the innermost tread was to the wearbars when the outer 2/3 still had 5/32" remaining. it makes a difference.

like i have stated before, i have tested higher pressures and on the stock yokos i don't see any reason to run over 35psi, the tires just can't handle it and i got signficantly less traction. i didn't notice much difference in steering feel, but the speed at which the tires breaks loose is lower with more pressure
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