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heres a quote from my build thread on another site where I am discussing over all impressions of the car and sort of where to go with it.
Lacking in the actual peak hp number probably from the single-port head, Never going to flow great. Torque however is very good!
I mean baseline for my stock engine is said to be around 90hp on Kinetics dyno. When I ran at SM5 I set the bar pretty high putting out 113hp with just a leaky oversized exhaust and nothing else so the gains don't seem massive but over stock they are still decent for only around 4psi.
I was hoping I could see the HP number up around the torque range but like I said, flow is going to be the issue. I'm also currently capped for boost. I can go up a tad but I am already running on the leaner side. You have to keep in mind I am running with out any real management to speak of, just an rrfpr to bring up the pressure in the rail. That means I am still on stock tiny injectors and all that crap. Also the heads arn't exactly fantastic but fuel control is probably the number one stopping factor. You can see where power just sort of stops building and flattens out between 5k and 6k redline.
Next stop for this car is swapping the engine again because the current block seems to be having balance issues and chewing through and bearing or something. With a fresher block I'll also be going back to a td04 using Tim's that is proven to 300+whp on his 2.5l so that won't be starved in the lower boost range I am looking at. I will also be looking to do something on the fuel side either with a greddy piggy back or setting up Megasquirt as a piggy back/injector driver so I can go bigger then stock and add some more safety to the afr and possibly push into the 8-10psi range. Keep in mind this is also a high compression engine. I can change that fairly easy but I still like having the low end N/A feel where I am not worrying about downshifting to get back into the power. It will move itself along and then the turbo will kick it and you will get a nice little pull all the way up. I like the way the car goes up hill now. Where I used to have to down shift to keep the car going about 60 mph I can now stay in 5th and it keeps pulling all the way past 80 mph where I sort of keep it at 75% throttle. I mean it isn't going to win drag races or anything and that isn't the goal, its really just to make the car feel less starved every time you need a little oomph to get up a hill/mountain or go to overtake. Also the torque has no problem breaking my rear wheels free so what more would I want?
So far this thread doesn't have a ton of numbers so that is why I really wanted to get some for you since I have had it on the dyno before. it was the old block that I hydro locked and it turned out to be a bit of a freak making an extra 23 n/a whp with just a 2.5 inch exhaust on stock headers and airbox (not as restrictive as people convince themselves).
I mean the only real numbers we have are from the 22 with 205 heads which are going to flow sooo soooo much better then the single port 22e's we have. If you start doing head work on those the normal 205 can get up into almost 400 whp with the right turbo.
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