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Question Intermittent grinding/whirring, front right, before and after parts replaced

I found a couple similar threads but nothing specifically the same as my problem. Searched: grinding braking, grinding hard braking, grinding brakes turning.

Last week I was getting typical sounds of a dragging brake pad from the passenger side of the car. I removed tires front and back, cleaned up the slider clips and lubricated the pads and sliders. Front passenger rotor had a small raised line around the circumference of the inside of the rotor, inside pad was tapered from the outside in a small amount but plenty of life left.

Still hearing the sound, I inspected the front (problem is in the front) sliders and they were very worn/rusty so I replaced the bracket and pins and lubricated everything.

Sound got slightly better but still had a noise that occured in relation to speed, so I replaced the rotor figuring if it was a seized caliper, the sound would be constant. Got a little better.

Two nights ago, my caliper locked up on the highway resulting in some pretty bad grinding/vibrations and pulling hard right. Removed everything; lug nuts were less than finger tight, lots of filings on the lug studs, seized caliper. Wheel, rotor and pads still looked good. I replaced the caliper and bled the system.

Right now, the brakes work as they should. However, I had to brake hard :65-stop in about 500 ft. When I got the green light, there was a terrible grinding noise coming from the front passnger side. Driving normally, i occaisonally hear a light grindig noise coming from a stop and/or turning. Also, there is an intermittant whirring noise that last anywhere from 30 seconds to 3-4 minutes.

There is also a thumping noise that comes from the same location when I hit bumps.

Not wanting to throw **** at the wall, i wanted to get some outside opinions. I figure it comes down to a) stabilizer bushing, b)strut, c)brake pad, d)wheel bearing, e) brake pads and bearing, or d)bearing and strut/bushing.
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