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Default Which suspension w/ STi Swap, serious input please

First off, I don't have any intentions of tracking(circuit, rally, etc.) with the car first off, I plan on eventually going with a KW3 or Cusco highend coilover way later down the road.

Here's my problem basically, I've got an 03' Bugeye, with the intentions of no later than an 05' swap, so...In turn I need a 5x114 strut size to match those knuckles, and the little more offset holes on the strut itself versus the wrx.

So....a whole mid to high mileage set of STi(06') struts and Springs is about 350-400 w/o shipping. At that rate the logic doesnt seem to add up...I'm considering a decent coilover, or just throwing a new set of KYB struts(about $450ish new for a set) with perhaps STi pink springs and calling it a day.

Considered the D-Specs, but I don't think there what I'm after, especially at that rate I'd rather just get coilovers.

thanks for any input.
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