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Originally Posted by mutydog View Post
wow Squarebush! That is some great info! with your setup, are you using a check valve/multiple check valves going to the map sensor? also, dont you think it would be a good idea to move up to an 8 or 10:1 plate for your rrfpr to bring down afr's into a safer range?
I currently have one check valve and I never got it to do anything but I figured out how to force readiness to pass inspection so I stopped worrying about it. Right now I am missing the front o2 sensor so the map is the least of my worries. I don't think I am going to bother messing with different rrfpr values because with the set up I am running and that low of boost I am not really creating much extra heat where the extra knock protection would be required thus richening it up. I also run 93-91 octane depending where I am and what they have. When I was at Kinetic doing the dyno I was talking to the tuner who is a great guy and super helpful. We discussed the afr values and he basically said what I already knew... 12ish is where you want to be in a turbo car but until you start getting up to around 10+psi it isn't a huge concern. Obviously when you are in a stg2 wrx up in the 18-20psi range you really need the extra fueling.
If I end up going further with this project and not just run it like it is forever I will be switching over to real fuel management and the rrfpr won't be necessary. I mean I still will use it probably because it worked well even when I was n/a. Otherwise fuel will be more about injector sizing. With the 255 backing up the system it won't run out of fuel. Also I am meaning to do the parallel fuel line set up. I have everything i need including a second set of lines, rails and injectors + the hosing. Plan on doing it the next time I take the engine out when I replace this crappy block.
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