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That's what mine looked like when I took the old engine apart. The shop that put in my new block sent the head off to some place (unknown to me) in California for them to line hone it and "fix" it. If I'm not mistaken the bill was $200..... I know using bearings and ONLY line honing isn't the same, but close enough, this thread doesn't sound too promising.

Now I don't know what to do. I don't think it's a coincidence that the head that was trashed is the one I keep getting all of the codes for. I can only hope that the codes are due to something a lot more minor than debris being sent all through my brand new block. I had already planned on sending an oil sample to blackstone.

Lets say the shop never sent the head off, or it was repaired improperly.... Would the drop in oil pressure at the cam gear ONLY, resulting in the avcs malfunction/timing advance, cause severe damage to my engine in the best case scenario? Is there a shred of hope for me that I am only suffering from reduced performance and not complete annihilation of my engine if this is what happened? I know the timing being off can obviously result in damage, so I'm focusing my question mainly to a faulty avcs system or scored cam journals. Obviously if the journals are scored while the engine is in operation debris will be sent through the oil, but if they are already scored or the clearance is off and the head is just reused, would it necessarily send debris into the oil or just cause the pressure drop?

Sorry for basically asking the same question 10 different ways but I want to be certain what I could be looking at if luck is on my side for once.
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