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Originally Posted by VIsubi View Post
I'd upgrade injectors just because they sre probably older, get a fresh batch if not wrx 06 top feeds ( 550 ) so later down road you'll have them done already. and direct fit. walbro or higher and good tune should be fine, Spark plugs (7) cold lower than that I hear wasted spark coils die early.
there are lots wrong with this. I don't want to go out of my way to be a dick but I want to make sure someone who reads this does not think this can actually be done.
So the biggest problem with all of that is that our older ecu's are not flash-able. It is an older style of chip and can not/should not be reprogrammed. It can probably be done but it is a super weird process but not through the obd2 port.
So that brings us to injectors which can not be replaced because the ecu is calibrated to the stock sizing. Ecu's do not understand flow rates just duty cycles and load. Also ecu's operate in a fairly narrow range in terms of that. So if you were to double the injector size you would totally mess everything up because it can't re-calibrate and you would basically just flood your engine (worse case scenario)
So the alternative is either replace the ecu with an opensource or piggyback that can be programmed for the new injectors or like I did run a rising rate fuel pressure regulator. Stock a regulator operates in a 1:1 fashion so for every increase in pressure they bring the rail pressure up one psi. With the rising rate you are using a fixed ratio like 6:1 or 8:1 and so on. This adds more psi to the fuel rail so that when the injector opens you are actually getting more fuel in. This only works up to a certain point until the injector runs out of physical flow and becomes too much of a restriction. But since all injectors in the same family have the same size holes essentially you have a pretty good ceiling. However you don't really push past the sort of 8 psi range as far as boost goes with out going to real management. Things in our ecu's will start going a bit batty.
Also when I have seen injectors in the high 200k mile range get sent out to be cleaned and matched they have always been in super good condition and only needed slight tweaking in terms of what we are running in the 2.2
Fuel pump is a necessity so that is totally correct and there is absolutely zero reason not to put a walbro in. Its cheap, effective, and has way more headroom than you will ever need so you don't have to worry about efficiency. I know people with 1000cc injectors only running the walbro 190. Seems silly but works.
Spark plugs are never a bad idea. I have fresh ones and a new timing belt and wires. I did all of that when I changed the block after hydrolocking the original engine.
The coil pack is also spot on and the best way to go is with the dodge neon MSD pack. In N/A form it gives a huge power gain for the 2.2 so why not play it safe on the turbo's, oh on that note, I did not do that yet

injectors: no because ecu can't be tuned
tune: can't
add a piggyback or stand alone and you can do that.
Fuel pump: yes!
spark plugs: yes
coil pack: also yes!
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