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Originally Posted by Tyler02WRX View Post
Hi everyone, NEED HELP!!!!

My name is Tyler, I'm new to the site, and I've got a small issue with my 02 REX converted to an STi. I'm hoping someone can give me some positive feed back on this little yet big big problem in my eyes.

Yesterday I went out for a cruise, and as I was parking my car I noticed that I didn't have any tail lights (DRL or as some call them "park' lights). the thing is I have head lights, fog lights, brake lights, reverse lights, all signals, and dash lights, but I don't have my running lights on the front fenders or the tail lights. I took all my lights out and made sure all connections were good due to the fact I have after market front lights and rear ones as well. When I click my lights on the first notch, my dash lights come on as they're supposed to, just not the tail lights. I click it all the way on and my head lights and everything else comes on as normal. I just don't understand why I have no running lights on my fenders and in the rear of my car. I tested all the fuses behind the little change holder thing on the drivers side above the hood release, also checked all the fuses I could under the hood and all of them are still good. Not too sure what else to do. Can I fix it myself or have I [email protected]#$ED it up good and now have to take it in to the dealer so they can do something? If anyone knows what this might be please let me know!

I'm stuck driving the winter beater and it really sucks. My girl friend and I waited months to go cruising at night and now with this light issue I don't want to go out and have the boys in blue come up and give me grief about the lights, then decide to get their buddies in the VIU department to come on down! So, its stuck at my work against the fence until I can figure out this problem. Let me know what you guys think. I need help!!!!!

Thanks everyone!!!
At least it's semi-understandable now. My head hurts so badly that I couldn't even begin to attempt a diagnosis. Perhaps someone can read the edited version, and would care to make an attempt to address the issue you are having with your vehicle.

Personally, I think you are correct in assuming that you effed something up during your aftermarket light installation. You should bring it to a qualified shop, who will snicker after they discover what you did wrong, repair it, and let the shop time run for another hour or two, just because shops generally hate DIYers who mess things up and then expect the shop to bail them out inexpensively.

Have a nice day.
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