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I'm finally making some progress on finding the problem! I took the wastegate apart and hooked up a little air compressor I have for air brushing.

Keep in mind I have the 15.95psi spring combo installed.

1. The wastegate is definitely opening early for some reason.
2. When the compressor started to build up more air, I could hear a very small leak coming from my dump tube. I took apart the wastegate and looked for areas that the boost could be escaping down to the dump tube. The only thing I noticed was a tad bit of play in the piston. I'm guessing that is enough to keep it from opening the whole way.

Good news is that I ordered another wastegate (same model) and it will be here tomorrow. So hopefully that one doesn't have any issues.

I'm not sure if the issue of the wastegate opening early will actually be able to be fixed. I don't really mind if it opens early. It will only affect spool a tiny bit, probably not even noticeable. The only problem is that when I try to climb a hill and I need to boost a little, about 5psi, the car starts acting weird and my afr's go whacko. Pretty much the little amount of boost it's producing is just exiting the dump tube. So I either need to keep it in vacuum, or haul up the hill at 10-15 psi. (See 3rd video attached)

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