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I'm going to put the Instructions to add my signal wires right here. I'll keep this up to date. This should help get you set up.

You will have a 10-slot or 8-slot connector at your mirror which will have 7 or 9 wires on the door plug side and less than that on the mirror side. The signal wiring is there you just need to add the mirror side wiring, add your signal LED unit, and you are in business! I won't go into mirror dis-assembly or obtaining the signal mirror parts, that is covered other places and varies by model. You want to disassemble the mirror to the point where you can run a wire through the stock sheath into the mirror. I recommend you use a zip tie to do this, push it through, tape the wire in securely and pull it through. Should look like this when you are done, wired into the mirror like all the stock wires.

To add the wires to the stock plug, you need to remove the pin locks the below pics will help to see how that is done.

Once you've removed the pin locks you can insert the pins into the proper slots. Notice the pinouts I've shown are looking at the back of mirror plug. I suggest you test this first, as Mitsuba (makes the mirrors) has changed the signal wiring over the years. An LED is a diode so the polarity (+/-) matters. I do my best to make a version for each car that matches. For the 12+ cars you'll have a set that is marked "L" and "R" to make it easier as the wiring is reported to be opposite each side. Just use each on the proper side and you should be good. The earlier cars the wiring is the same both sides. In all cases, the white wire should be (+) and the green (-) you can test with a 9V battery with the wires plugged into your signal units before you assemble. The worst that can happen is you might have to reverse the wires so that the signal works.

Wiring pinouts below Appendix A. You'll notice the pins are 1 and 4 for non-heated mirror cars, and 1 and 5 for the others. Though the pins are different the logical locations are the same: the signal wires are on the right side top (white) and bottom (green) pins on the mirror plug looking from the back. You simply insert them and put the pin locks back on and you are done. Put the mirror back together and enjoy your new mirror signals!

Appendix A
Without heated mirrors:
1 - Signal (+) (white)
2- Folding(out) (brown)
3- Common (blue)
4- Signal (-) (green)
5- Folding (in) (grey)
6- Up/down (pink)
7- Right/Left (purple)
8- **Unused**

With heated mirrors:
1 - Signal (+) (white)
2- Folding(out) (brown)
3- Common (blue)
4- Heat (black)
5- Signal (-) (green)
6- Folding (in) (grey)
7- Up/Down (pink)
8- Right/Left (purple)
9- **Unused**
10- Heat (black)[/quote]
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