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No offense, but we really don't bring new customers with great frequency. What? One or two new people a week (and that doesn't happen every week, you and I have both been there when it's the same 5-6 people; especially this winter) and then they don't show up ever again. Like I said earlier, new people or not new people, we usually get anywhere from 4-10 people. Stating we bring new people every week, with great frequency, makes it sound like without our business, Clyde's would not survive. It also makes it sounds like we are infinitely increasing their customer base, which we are not (I'll say it again, our group has not grown in size at all). We have maintained the same average # of people the entire year I've been attending these. It's only on Thursdays as well. That is not frequency. Frequent are the regulars that come 3-5 times a week, every week.

And regarding tips, I do tip them well. Over 40% actually. Why? Because $5 on a $12 meal (thats 40% tip) is still just $5. If I only drink water I'll toss them $2.

I've never seen the $ amount Matt tips, but I'll put it in perspective. I was next to the person who payed for the bill a few months ago when I was out with SAIC. Our total was a little over $1300 (And this is just my hall/ group of people, I'm sure other people at SAIC, Booz Allen, etc hold company functions here). We had appetizers, dinner, drinks, and dessert. She tipped an even 30%. You do the math. That was a group of maybe 17-18 people (and we didn't even "ball out", I've been to ones where people get hammered too and as you know, drinks aren't cheap). I'm not trying to belittle or down anyone in our car group; the point I'm trying to make is we are a very,very small drop in their tip pool (because the bartenders and servers get less than $3 an hour so they live off of tips alone basically) and everyone in this thread acts like we run the place. Outside of a handful of us, no one really eats and no one gets wasted so we aren't spending that much there (meaning comparatively, we aren't tipping a huge amount $ wise).

I'm not saying we need to tip more, I'm saying we need to realize we don't run ****. The "F them, we keep them in business!" attitude being displayed by some people in this is retarded and personally stings me, because I work in the industry. I also know for a fact (and it's being shown by everyone's responses) that they don't even understand the industry/ how things work. You think 25-30% is a good tip? It's alright. We have regulars (as does every bar) that will tip anywere from 50-100% every time they come (and they aren't just buying one beer). And they are real regulars that come 3-5 times a week, not once a week people, like us. THOSE are the people that the staff rely on and treat well. NOT a group of people that come in for (usually) just a few drinks each and tip anywhere from 10-30% once a week.

That is all. End rant.
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