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Default Update

This weekend I installed both sway bars. I have never done any suspension work before, so, despite one minor setback, I'm pretty happy with myself.

Bought Rhino Ramps, backed my car up onto rear wheels and proceeded to do the easier of the two bars first.

Rear bar: Simple removal of OEM bolts. Used regular ratchet. Bolt came loose easily without the need for penetrating oil, impact wrench, breaker bar, or anything out of the ordinary.

Sway bar came out easily.

Greased up new bushing, cleaned off the bushing clamps and proceeded to install new sway bar.

Took me about 20-30 minutes to actually snake the new bar into position. This was quite a pain. I think I could do it easily now that I've done it once, but it was quite a puzzle. End links needed to be coerced into the proper holes. I selected the firm setting for the rear bar.

Tightened all bolts and that was it. Pretty simple.

and then the next day....

Front Bar: More steps to this.... Removal of plastic splash guard. Easy.

Then the 10 bolts for the support plate. These bolts wouldn't budge. I put forth every bit of muscle I had. I'm by no means weak either. I couldn't move them. I tried what I had. An impact driver, WD-40, more muscle and nothing worked.

I went out and bought a breaker bar and some PB Blaster. And that did the trick. It still wasn't easy, but each bolt made a loud popping sound as it came loose. Finally. That was about 2 hours later. Frustrated, but proud.

Removed the end link bolts, and bushing bracket bolts. Easy. All bolts came free with regular ratchet. No breaker bar needed, but I did use PB Blaster as recommended in the Eibach instructions.

Putting on the new bar was very simple. I selected the soft setting for the front bar. This went on easily as the front end links seemed to move very easily and I could just put everything where it needed to go. The bar sits flat and need not be snaked into position at all.

I loosely tightened all of the bolts first to make sure everything was where it needed to be... and then I went to tighten everything down.

This is where I ran into a problem. All I needed to do was tighten 6 bolts.....

End links - no problem.

Bushing brackets, I over-tightened one of the top bushing bracket bolts and the head of the bolt broke off! I was so mad!!!

So, if you're familiar with this install, you know that each bushing bracket has one fixed screw that just needs a nut, and one regular bolt. Well, it was the fixed screw that broke. I over cranked the nut and it just broke off.

I proceeded to put the support plate back on with the 10 bolts. No issues there at all. I can access the broken bolt easily even with the support plate on. At this point, I have not put the plastic splash guard back on yet.

My plan is to simply drill out the hole and put a new nut, bolt, and washer on.

If anyone has any other suggestions for me, I'm all ears. But again, this is just one of the bushing brackets that has one of the two bolts fastened.

Does anyone know if I can drive the car without the splash guard?

Luckily my wife is out of town for three days, so I can use her car (A Prius V).

How will the car drive with one bushing bracket bolt missing? I have the nut that has the threaded shaft in it.

It's odd that Subaru would have this fixed threaded shaft for one of the bushing bracket bolts, and the other one is just a regular bolt.

Now, knowing what I know, it's obvious that this broke so easily. It's just welded to the sheet metal.

The rear bushing brackets were not like this. I wonder why.

Anyway, next post is a series of pics of the process. Any advise is very appreciated!

It's late, I'm tired and I probably have one hundred typos in this post. Sorry.
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