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Originally Posted by PA452 View Post
That's ironic, I actually think the opposite. I think the previous generation of Imprezas were ugly as hell. I don't know if the 2007 had the last body style or if that was another gen before the last? But I think the 2012+ models are a huge improvement over the last gen in terms of exterior looks, especially the front end.
No, it's a completely different gen. The 2007 and 2008 are gone. The 2009 if I am correct on memory alone changed everything about the looks of the car. I'd say my favorite years are 2002-2008 looks-wise of the WRX.....but the 2006/2007 base model actually still looked sporty. This was before the fall of the the base we got still had CD/Radio, mud mats, truck mat, no money down, and the big deal for me, was no hubcaps. For under 18k we got 16 inch rims. The guy selling it to us said oh...Subaru doesn't sell cars with hubcaps now. Next gens Economy tanked right before that. I don't know if that statement was even true, but I never saw a 2007 with hubcaps, they all had rims.

But anyhow...the base Impreza has turned into a soccer mom car, or snow vehicle in my mind. In my mind at one point I really looked at it as a sports car, because of the WRX....but since they have split up the base and WRX/STi models so drastically...something I feared they would do one day.....I don't think of the Impreza the same way at all anymore, shame for me I guess.... but oh well.
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