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Default Slave Cyl question, new exedy clutch slipping

I searched for hours, was hoping not to create a dupe thread. Here goes...

I have a 2006 WRX TR and just installed a new exedy ff502 flywheel and 15804 stage 1 clutch kit. The clutch does not have enough clamping power to even kill the motor in 1st with the ebrake up. it just slips and scrapes (this was a troubleshooting tip in the manual).

I have installed, reinstalled, checked for hot spots, glazed clutch surface, cleaned it, checked fork, TOB, etc... This thing has literally not enough pressure to go from 0-10mph in less than 15 secs. it is not in backward.

I have adjusted pedal to relieve any pre-load, and pedal has free play of about .4-.5 inch. Pedal "feels" perfect, and action is nice.

My concern is this- when i manually push the clutch fork against the slave cyl, the slave cyl retracts, leaving fork free play, but then within about 4 seconds, the slave cyl extends and puts significant pressure on the fork. It isnt enough pressure to actutate fully, but it definately puts 10 or more more pounds, and TOB is against the pressure plate splines.

The question is: is there supposed to be "free play" at the top of the clutch fork, or is my slave doing what it's supposed to do? it seems to me that having pressure on the TOB constantly isn't right. my engagement into gears is good and smooth, but clamping pressure is almost non-existant. this is with no boost, only idle speeds or 2k revs.

A friend mentioned bleeding, so i did that with mityvac and also the old fashioned way when problem persisted. the hyd system was never messed with or replaced. PLEASE HELP!

Thanks very much for any advice you can offer!

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