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Originally Posted by npdynamite View Post
ok, i do realize in hindsite that 8 seconds was overkill (kind of experimenting to see how the photos looked) i was a bit too excited mabey to have finally found my tripod. but other than for purposes for depth of field and if you want anything (such as a car driving by) to be blurred i dont know the why on exposure versus aperature. i did go back on one of the pictures and bring up the shadows

my concern is that the black areas such as the wheels end up looking somewhat washed out, also here is a before/after on another picture to show what it looked like before using lightroom (and it was shot in RAW)
The exposure wasn't the overkill factor, it was f16 that was overkill. I don't see a need for an 8s exposure, but if you had the ap @ a more reasonable level the exposure would have been shorter (assuming you were shooting in AV/AP). As Inkman pointed out and for a general rule of thumb f8 is a great point for having the foreground and background in focus equally. The only reason to shoot in AP @ f16 would be to get your shutter speed waaaaay down (like 8 seconds or so) but for this type of shot that seems to be overkill, especially since you darkened the shadows so much in PP, kinda negated the whole setup. The smaller the F# the more background blur < DOF and more light is allowed in allowing for higher shutter speeds. For a car driving by and getting a sense of motion you want to shoot in shutter priority. Set your shutter speed and let the camera figure out the correct aperture.

I don't use LR so I will let someone else comment on that.
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