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Originally Posted by kutatk View Post
We've put about 15,000 miles on the car.

Here are the stats:
43 fill-ups
Average MPG: 29.7 (as computed by miles divided by gallons. Not by digital trip computer readout)
Max MPG: 34.1
Driving is a mix of ~70/30 highway vs. city

I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed, but the average MPG readout on the trip computer is consistently a couple of MPG higher than actual as computed by dividing miles by gallons as registered on the gas station pump.

I am pretty happy with that performance given that this is an AWD car.
yep: most people have found that the computer is about 1.5-2mpg, on average, optimistic.

on the other hand, most have also found the odometer (when compared with Googlemaps, GPS, and mile markers, is about 3% underestimating the miles traveled. so, in the end, the true mileage is about halfway in between what the computer says and what you calculate if you don't correct for odometer errors.

some people have reported having the dealer adjust the computer so it better reflects the actual mileage. i have been thinking of doing that, but i always know in my head that the computer is about 1mpg optimistic when all is accounted for.
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