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Originally Posted by gggplaya View Post
Actually my neighbor who is about 40-50 years old is a male and owns a v6, convertible mustang.
I know plenty of people who make horrible decisions too, just not normally when they're true enthusiasts of the topic.

My coworker owns a 2005ish cobra convertible, i guess your point is you need a bit more badassness to negate the cuteness of a convertible? So a male in a cobra mustang is ok, even though to the untrained eye, the cars look the same.
It makes it better, yes, but that's still partly a bad decision. Nothing changes that :P.

I think the FRS convertible looks cool enough to be unisex, but it's a convertible which add cuteness to it. Have you seen the new FRS convertible preview pics??
I have and I hate it as much as I hate my own convertible (when it comes to layout... at least I didn't have a choice with the platform).

But back to my original post and back on topic of the OP, which was referring to the hardtop only as pictured. I don't know why you brought up convertibles, pricing on that hasn't been released.
I brought up a specific car that has an overwhelmingly woman buyer population as a way to inadvertently say only dumb women would buy the car outlined in the OP. Which is fine, because there are plenty of dumb people, so this car will still find buyers, much to my dismay. Clearly, by the unnecessary length of this discussion, you either dislike stereotypes or the subtlety was lost on you. How, I don't know as it was pretty obvious what snide remarks my comment was intended to portray.
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