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Originally Posted by hemophilic View Post

I don't think anyone disagrees with you here. However the tests performed by the epa (or the those done by the automaker) don't test every flavor of every vehicle. We've all seen the video where Todd Hill, Subarus north american marketing guy, says the little nubs on the roof rack of a sport model "add 1mpg". To normal people that sounds like magic. To a sales/marketing guy it's as close to the truth as they're willing to get. The truth is that in an epa test those little nubs makes the merest fractionof a difference in epa calculations to go from one whole number to the next. It's like the nubs bump it from 35.499 to 35.501 and therefore the rounding says it's 36. (Or however they do it).

So different model flavors will have slightly different results. I would expect that a cvt car with roof rack and 17s would perform slightly worse than a base cvt with steelies.

I'm not making excuses. I agree the game is being played.

Has the EPA gotten back to you yet? I haven't gotten a response to any of several.
Another A+ post filled with bull****. Those roof "nubs" are on every 5 door, not just the sport. And they weren't on the roof rack. Also that little 35.49 to 35.51 thing has been posted more than enough in the mpg thread.
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