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Originally Posted by jjasonsun
so the car was fine when i first got it, no noise, not much feel of sluggish. now its at about 53k miles, and everytime i get to between 30-40mph i get this clicking noise, sounds metallic. when i go past 40 or so, the sound disappears, also when im accelerating harder the sound does not come out as well. anyone know what that sound is?
second, my car feels very sluggish when accelerating from a complete stop. it is automatic trans, and it would shift to 2nd at around 20, then as soon as it shifts, the speed does not pick up/continue and instead it sort of lags and then picks up speed again. I have not noticed this issue much before, but this has became apparent recently.
lastly, my car makes alot of noises during shiftings, sounds like a quick metallic click, as well as during idling.
id like to know the possible reasons for what i have mentioned and recommended solutions. im not looking to get a new car soon enough so id like to fix these issues taht is annoying me like crazy. thanks for all help.
I have the same exact car and have noticed the same issues. These are the things I did and hit helped me. A lot.

1. Change the spark plugs to iridium

2. Run half a can of sea foam through a full tank of gas. This should take care of your sluggish problem.

3. The click noise when shifting gear from park to reverse is caused by the linkage on the transmission. I herd the same noise and took it to my work and put it up on a rack and determined it was that. I work in automotive. If you feel something is really wrong and you don't feel safe then take it to your local dealer.

If you have any questions feel free to pm me
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