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Hey all.

So its CAD work day part 2. Got the front arms and knuckles finished. I had to make some minor changes after measuring a couple things I forgot to the first time around. Then it was time to start on the rear.

The rear suspension system is commonly used on Baja buggies because they have a rear mounted engine w/ CV axles and obviously IRS. I adopted the same system to work on the Foz because it also has CV axles and IRS. These trailing arms are super simple and super burly over the stock 6 arm system. This arm will mount about 8” in front of the trailing arm stock mounting point and is 52” long. Nice long throw to work with my big ass po-go sticks. There will have to be a custom super beam welded to the chassis to mount them but it’s also nice because now I can concentrate the bulk of the strength in the chassis around the cab. The rear rails and Crossmember will now only have to support to the weight of the diff and a few other things, and not hold up the weight of the rig and all the torture I am going to put it through. Here is the pic of its throw.

You can see I have some room left in the shock so it’s working well within its range of motion. This is also with the 21” of travel that the extended CV axle will allow before it binds. It’s about a 2:3 ratio on the shock in the rear, whereas it’s more of a 1:2 ratio on the front. Now… The arms were chosen for 2 reasons. One is the reasons is stated but as you can probably tell 52” is pretty long. About 32” longer then the stock trailing arm. That is because I am going to be moving the rear diff to the end of the rear frame rails about 24” back and the wheel will follow. I have always wanted a Subaru Baja… I liked the versatility of having a full 4 door cab, and a bed in the back but I couldn’t get over the fact they used a Legacy front end… No other truck really has IRS and I think this would be the perfect time to try it out. I have the Foz shell and if it doesn’t work out (it will) I can just scrap the truck part and use the 01 shell I am currently driving. With that said here is the concept of the side profile of my idea…

Pics are of the truck at estimated normal driving height and at full compressed to make sure my tires won’t rub and there was enough ground clearance so it wouldn’t be scraping because the tires could go higher then the body. As some of you may have noticed it has similar chunky fenders like my exploder. Sticking with them because I can make them easily and use nice thick steel. I also think it will look sick. I’ll be relocating and welding the hatch just behind the rear seats. This will give me about 12” between the bottom of the seats and back wall to mount my batteries and a 10” flat sub. The seats will also still be able to fold down. In the back is a 5 foot bed that will be comprised of a square tub frame and aluminum sheet metal with that grip tape stuff over the top. There will need to be an exo cage that runs from the bolstered rocker panels up over the top to mount the upper shock mounts and allow for mounting my rack and light bar. Also there will be a small roof spoiler that will also serve as a mounting point for my Aux lights and third brake like. I’ll prolly put a set of turn signals up there too. Side ducts are not just for looks they will serve as cooling for the radiator and ac condenser that will be mounted below the rear glass at the front of the bed. This will allow me to run a super steep angle on my front bumpers skid plate and with no Rad up front give me a lot more room to make a nice strong front bumper support. It will be enclosed in a mesh cage to keep it safe from crap I throw in the bed. There will be 2 fill points at the radiator itself and a custom one on the coolant crossover pipe bolted to the short block. I found out that you can reveres them and they will still bolt on so I’ll run hard lines tucked in the tranny tunnel to the Rad in the back.. The ac lines I will be taking the stock ones and extending them at the flex hose points to get them to connect to the condenser. Full size 33” spare in the back with a swing gate. It will take up a bit of my bed but I am going to make the swing gate line up with the floor so if I need more room I can pull the tire off and get an extra 33” of length. Taillights are some cool looking LED taillights off a Ford Raptor because the stock forester lights suck and aren’t a good shape for a squared off truck bed. Light bar will have 6 27w LED fog lights w/ a spot beam pattern ad there will be an addition al 4 in front of the grill. I also have a set of 2.5” round headlights I’ll be putting under the headlights with HID in both them and the headlights for good lighting when the fogs are off. Color will be 2012 Shelby GT500 blue w/ semi gloss black hood, roof, and side graphic w/ gloss black highlights. I think the color will look sick and the addition of the black will break it up some.

This will also allow me to make a custom gas tank that can run from under seats to the diff 2 feet farther back and with the engine, tranny and diff crossmembers dropping 4” the tank will have a flat bottom. Should fit about 45 gals of fuel so nice long distance endurance runner.

Well that about does it for my update… I’ll have the CAD work finished up and all the pieces laid out for the plasma table this weekend to hand of early next week. I am hoping I can get the modifications done to the crossmembers and maybe even have the chassis of the Foz cut and prepped for the front suspension and the truck conversion. I have 2 other cars that need to get done before that to make room so we’ll see how far I get. I’ll have pics Monday of my progress and of all the bits I haven’t take pics of.

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