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Originally Posted by 4wdwrx View Post
The new M5 is way better than the old V10. All the reviews claim it's is more proper M car than the previous version.
Are you high?

The reviews say the exact opposite.

When BMW made the decision to share F10 components with the larger 7 Series, dumpy 5 Series Gran Turismo, and the orca-like Rolls-Royce Ghost, it screwed up. Because of the larger platform siblings, the parts in every 5 Series are heavier -- therefore, more dynamically compromised -- than they should have been. BMW, instead of toeing its well-worn Ultimate Driving Machine line, erred on the side of luxury. As a result, the fifth-generation M5 just isn't the supersedan we all expected it to be. Which brings up another point: I really like the new M5. Granted, it's not a very good M vehicle, but it is an outstanding long-haul luxury yacht. Should you ever be faced with a several-hundred-mile journey, you'd be very pleased to be at the helm of the F10 M5. Just stay off the back roads.

BMW's M Division was saddled with the unenviable task of teaching a pig ballet. They did good, but for the purposes of this comparison, not good enough.

The M5 has three steering modes, but there's no Goldilocks setting. Comfort mode is vague to the point of why'd they even bother? Sport mode offers more heft, but still feels imprecise. The heavy Sport+ mode (don't you love how original the Germans are with their nomenclature?) offers the best steering feel, but everyone agreed it was still too artificial. Which is a crying shame, as for decades the whole reason you went with a BMW was because of the world-class steering.

Did BMW have to try to make the steering this numb? They must have hired someone from outside the company to teach them to dumb down a car like this. Normal BMW steering is like running your hands over the ground -- you feel all the buildup in lateral load, you feel the weight jacking in front. None of that is here in the F10 M5." Febbo and I aren't alone in our assessment. From Scott Evans: "Apparently, even the M division can't do much with BMW's new power steering system. It's comparatively numb and oddly weighted, too light in lesser modes and too heavy in hard-core mode.

Nevertheless, the Bavarian is numb and quiet in comparison to the verve and vigor that is the CTS-V.
After the initial hot laps in the M5, we were unimpressed. It feels ponderous in tight corners and the chassis only provides a modicum of communication
The best example of exactly how isolated the driver is from the road are the brakes. Massive calipers clamp on floating rotors when decelerating from 110 mph down the back straight, the ABS is fully invoked and there is nothing felt. No pulsations in the brake pedal, no yaw resistance in the superbly thick steering wheel, and only a hint at the tires' grip limit coming through the seat of the pants. To drive the M5 fast requires trust in the electronics and being sensitive to the gentlest of feedback in the steering wheel and chassis. Where the CTS-V does little to hide its performance-car roots, the M5 buries them under a mound of opulent isolation.
Yeah, sounds jusst like what M cars are all about(!)

Don't get me wrong, again, it's a hugely capable car, numbers wise. But that is NOT what Ms ahve been about. They were always underpowered compared to the AMGs, etc. But no one cared, because they drove better. That's what BMW did, a great chassis, great steering, and a slick if not overly-powerful engine.

Again, they've CLEARLY lost that edge, replacing those attributes with more HP, more isolation, and more electronics.

How on earth you can say that's "more of an M car" is beyond ridiculous.
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