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Originally Posted by SoapBox View Post
A more numb driving experience is not refinement. They indicate, in fact, that several of its other competitors (Porsche GTS, CTSV, etc.) offer better driving experiences, and not at the expense of refinement.

You're, of course, entitled to your opinion. But I just can't fathom how you can considers a larger, more isolated, more numb M5 "more of an M car".

Again, that's EXACTLY the opposite of what made M cars different. Perhaps you'd give up some power for a better driving experience. BMW did the opposite.

It's the same **** they did with the new 3. The same bad reviews are coming in for that car now too. It's a change in philosophy at BMW. That's fine, they'll sell more cars. But not everyone has to like it.

BMWs aren't special driver's cars anymore. There are alternatives that drive better. Which is sad to say. That is what made then special, and loved by people who love driving.

You ever hear that V10, with an open exhaust, at full chant? That's the thing dreams are made of. Who dreams about this new M5? And why? Artificial engine sounds pumped into the speakers? ****ty chassis/steering feel? Wow, thanks a pantload chet.

Again, it's fast, huge, isolated and soft. Those are not really M car traits. Why didn't they just call it a 560?
I know what you mean, but if all the current cars were compared to their predecessors, none are as involved as their ancestors.

They were more "focused" because the were raw because the technology and car design was not as mature. In 5 years, people will argue about how focused the F10 is compared to F20 (or whatever). I remember when the e60 was criticized as diluted, large, heavy, and isolated compared to the e39.

It always happens.

Besides, the M5 is not a real M "Motorsport" car. Only real M cars in my opinion and I'm sure many BMW enthusiasts are the e30 M3, M1, M3 GT3, and some other homologation cars which I don't know.
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