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Originally Posted by theo79 View Post
Tripintaz- How would this help with the install? I have the factory wiring harness already in there. The trouble is, the previous owner ran his own speaker wire to his amplifier (I assume) The whole audio system is a mess.

I have a wiring harness to go from Subaru OEM to aftermarket radio, it is my understanding that I have to solder this harness to the Pioneer HU harness. Is that right?

Anub- I really have no clue how audio systems/ electrical stuff works. Do you recommend that I wire the speakers up to the HU and just run the Sub from the Amp? Also, my amp gives me the option of switching between 2 and 4 channels. I'll take a picture of it when I take the car apart. That way somebody can explain to me how it works.
That all depends on your goals really. If, as you referenced above, the previous owner ran his own speaker wire back to another amp, your speakers wouldn't be working without an amp in there, is that the case? If the speakers ARE working right now, and there is no amp in there, then somebody hooked the original speaker wire back up to the speakers and the headunit. The wiring clip you bought to go from factory to an aftermarket head unit, is all you will need. You don't have any steering wheel controls or anything else to worry about, so disregard the other comments. You are correct that you will need to solder (or at the very least use butt end connectors) to combine the adaptor harness to your aftermarket HU harness.

If there are aftermarket speakers in there, you'll get the best performance out of them if they are powered by the amp, but you have to have the right amp, or at least the right settings for the speakers you have. The main problem you have right now is you don't have enough channels to run 4 speakers and a subwoofer without combining the front and the rear onto two channels, taking away the ability to use fade to get your sound staging set up properly.

What you would do with your current set up is put both front and rear left speakers on one channel, front and rear right on another, and then bridge the remaining two channels for the subwoofer. In that case, you'd have only two sets of RCA cables to worry about, one set for the front speakers (carrying signal for both front and rear), and one set for the subwoofer.

It would be an overall low power set up, but it'll sound a damn lot better than stock. The absolute best thing for you to do, would be obtain a 5 channel amp, to power front on two channels, rear on two channels, and sub on it's own channel. That way, you won't impede any tweaking you may want to do.

Do you, by chance, have model numbers for the amp, subwoofer, speakers (front and rear) as well as wire gauage for your power and ground to/from the amp? This will all help determine if what you have is sufficient or not.
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