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Hello all. Here is a quick story to (possibly) relate to. I recently got sick of having less trunk space with my old bulky sub box. Even if I put the rear seats down, that box was always there. After blowing out my W-3, I decided "if I am going to replace the sub anyways, I might as well do it right!" so I had the idea to put the sub under my trunk liner where the spare tire is. Sounds simple enough, right? So, being lazy and in the middle of too many projects, I decided to go to cartoys to get a quote on a box; this is where things get good. The guy comes out of the store to look at my trunk and says this: "I can make you a box... Buuuuuuttttt your going to have to lose the spare tire...oh and it will cost around 900 dollars" he had already lost me at "but", but to my curiosity I decided to play along and ask when I could pick it up by. He responded: "it'l be ready in about 2 hours" ....TWO HOURS!!! Thats like 400 dollars an hour. You have to be joking. Plus, to top that s**t off, he said I had to "lose the spare." so he wanted 900 dollars to essentially make a square box. This is when I became motivated to do it myself. Here is the result. Here it is with the panel up. Don't be fooled, the spare. Is still very much there Here it is with panel down. Sooo much room for activities!!!! The felt I put on it makes it lock into place. I can life the tire up by pulling straight up on the box, IE: it doesn't vibrate TLDR: I made a cool box for about 100~ dollars and a bit of elbow grease. I am -considering-, if there js any interest, selling these for those who have been looking for a solution like this. The material is fiberglas btw. I would sell for 400$ or so(give or take). Here is my car for fun.
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