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May 15, 2013

What's being done: Enkei NT03+M, Michelin Pilot Super Sport (265/35/18), Muteki SR48 Lug Nuts, 72.6/56.1 Hub Centric Rings

Mileage: 6,986

In my quest to make this car a great daily driver, I knew the wheels had to be changed. I like aggressive, wide fitments that have a purpose. Wider wheels always give the car a much better stance and overall look that separates you from the car next to you. Having said that, before I even got this car, I knew what wheels I wanted to get my hands on. Enkei NT03's were always on a wish list of mine since I loved the look and performance you can get from them. Little did I know, I never realized how hard it was going to be to source them in 5x100, let alone in the sizes I wanted.

Checked the Wheels FS section everyday in hopes of landing on a clean set of NT03's, but it was starting to realize it was going to be harder than I thought. Lo' and behold Spun Autosports was having a GB for the exact sizes, exact color, and exact wheels I wanted. I battled back an forth for a month or two going for them, but in the end I decided to just pony up and stop looking for a used set. Ordered on a Monday and they arrived that Wednesday! Couldn't believe they arrived so quickly. Thanks Spun!!

I wanted to give the car some meaty grip and the only tire I know that looks nice and beefy that has performance to show... Michelin Pilot Super Sports. I've been wanting to try them for a long time now and it was a no brainer. Hit up my a good buddy (burnurass) and got me a great deal for them!

As you can see, the center caps/screws are chrome. If you haven't realized, I do not like chrome. They were an eyesore against the black, so what could I do? Enter Plasti-Dip. You can hate on me all you want, but the product is great for applications like this. They came out exceptional and are a very close match to the satin black finish of the NT03's. Very happy with the finished product!

Found out the OEM lugs were not usable on these wheels, so I ordered up some Muteki SR48 open ended lugs to finish them off. I was debating on going with a louder color (red), but I wanted to keep things clean and simple. I also ordered the locks as well, which should be coming in next week.

Mounted everything up this evening and it went smooth as can be. Lowered the car back down on all 4's and got to see its new look. Beefy, aggressive, and mean. Exactly what I was looking for! Took it for a spin to make sure everything was good to go and couldn't believe how sticky the tires were. Granted they need to break in, but the loose gravel in my neighborhood was sticking to the tires and throwing them up in the wheel well hardcore. Sounded like it was raining inside my car! I couldn't help but laugh. Shortly after, it stopped and I was on my way.

Only gotten to do around 10-15 miles on them so far, but I can tell you now I really enjoy the setup. The steering feels much heavier due to the wider wheel/tire up front. Car feels way more planted and gives you a lot more feedback. Surprisingly, I haven't rubbed! I thought it was going to rub badly on the rears, but I only scrubbed for a short second on a hard turn on the passenger rear. Which was mostly caused from a dip in the road. Pretty excited that they don't rub so far and a roll isn't necessary right away.

If I may critique anything, the wheel gap is immense. I knew right away after I lowered the car on the new wheels that the gap was going to bother me. I thought I would be able to stand it, but it's pretty big. Looks like a 4x4! Looks like I will be ordering those Feal 441's sooner than I thought!

For now, I am very pleased with the new look and setup of my car. Really gives the car that aggressive edge I love and a whole new look. Really looking forward to getting some miles on these bad boys and really open the car up.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get any decent full pictures. I promise to head out this weekend and get some appropriate shots. For now, here are some pictures I managed to snap.

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