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Hi everyone, I live in the UK and I've been researching these turbos quite a lot and ended up buying one thru' the steamspeed offer on here. I'm like the OP, I enjoy experimenting and not running with the crowd.
Just thought I'd let you know what I found about them.

KAMAK are the manufacturer of these turbos, the rest, kinugawa etc are brand names. KAMAK are also OEM turbo manufacturers for a few manufacturers, the main one being Hyundai.

How they appear to operate is that the KAMAK turbos are the best turbos that the company produce, uprated actuators, compressors, turbines etc, all the best and newest parts go into the KAMAK turbo.

Kinugawa etc are there old tech designs, meaning you can pick up their turbos at a slightly lower price, however, you can specify that they are built with the latest tech, so you can have the STS turbine, or the billet compressor if you wish. Personally, I think it's quite a good setup, if a little confusing...but I think that is because they don't seem to try and force their products like most, so aren't that well known.

The parts are manufactured in Japan, compressors, housings, rotating assemblies, turbines etc and then sent off to be assembled/balanced in Thaiwan before being shipped out.

I think for 750 ($1150) delivered within 4 days, they are a great deal, so long as they do as advertised. I'll keep you guys updated with progress once the snail is nailed to my car (Saturday) and mapped (Wednesday).

Anyway here's a couple of pictures for you.

And here is my car...stock until the weekend rolls around. 2005 widetrack STi.

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