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Originally Posted by LUMBERZACK View Post
In your third video, why does your EWG open at 4500 RPM on stock VF39 turbo? I expect it to open much sooner.

I know you stated you are running the 15.65 psi spring combo, but what is your desired pounds of boost? Your EWG spring combo should be half of desired boost pressure. So with a 15.65 PSI spring combo, I expect you to be looking for 30 PSI?

On my EWG, with Grimmspeed EBCS, I run the 10.5 PSI spring combo running 20 PSI on a VF43. My wastegate cracks at 2800 RPM and is fully open at 3200 RPM. Never had over boosting and have a near straight line that slightly tapers down throughout the RPM range.

My car peaks at 20 PSI.
I was only going part throttle in that video showing how it opens. I wasn't anywhere near full throttle.

I am currently running the 11.60psi spring combo (according to Tial). Based on what my boost gauge is telling me, it is actually a 15-16psi spring combo.

In response to kellygnsd, I don't have trouble keeping my boost down anymore. My issue now is inconsistent boost. I set my manual boost controller at 19psi, than the next day it will be 1-2 psi higher or lower. So what I'm asking now is will an ebcs keep my boost more consistent?
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