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Originally Posted by besthaticouldo View Post
it seems as if you have something in mind? is the dent the only problem with the knob?

i don't have precedent for this (no pun intended), i've never seen another.

the problem is, and i'm not saying you did, but i don't know if it was dropped, or hit, or whatever. basically what i'm saying is i don't have a way to verify that it was a defect in the knob. i had a hard time seeing it in pictures.

what would you like me to do about it? asking honestly, not sarcastically, because it may come across like that.
I agree the pictures are hard to see. Trust me, i used three different cameras trying to capture the 'defect'. But here are some pics of the dent i m talking about.

No, i did not hit it, drop it, or chew on it. As you can see in the pics, there's no cracks, no chipped paint. To be honest, with this heavyweight material, i wouldnt even know how to make a dent on it, not to mention to make a dent without causing any paint to come off. i noticed this dent as soon as i opened it from the box, i mentioned in post #384 ( but no one else mention this problem, and i also did not hear from you or Forman to discuss this issue i have. I figure this is an isolated issue that i received a bad lemon.

Is the dent the only problem with it? yes. does it bother me to keeps me up at night? Nope. Its just that everytime i look down at it, i see this round hole/dent whatever you want to call it, and it makes me think someone put a lollipop stick on it, spray painted it, and remove the stick.

As for the finishing, i understand what you mean about everyone have different expectations. Some want glossy, some want matte, blah blah. But as others and myself had mentioned, the finishing did not come out as we anticipated. As someone else said, lesson learned, it's hard to purchase something without physically seeing it and expect it to be a certain way.

What would i like you to do about it? I dont know, maybe offer a refund? a replacement? send me a couple more so i can pick which one is in perfect shape? send me one of each color so i can switch it out as needed to match my shirt? I dont know. I just wanted to vent. I waited two months for this. I deserve a perfect knob !

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