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Originally Posted by Zeeper View Post
Nah we just disagree, he thinks my facts are opinions, or anybody who claims to be getting EPA numbers with their impreza is lying or driving in a zero gravity environment (flat land, actually). He also thinks that because the EPA rating is 36mpg, we should all expect much higher than that, because, hey, isn't that a reasonable expectation if his corolla does better than EPA ratings and two standard deviations and....
What a bunch of rambling - and mental confusion at that. Interesting that he would confuse 2 standard deviations with 5 standard deviations.

Another illumination of his derangement...

Originally Posted by Zeeper View Post
And I continually point out his "facts" are really just his opinions.
Yep, more confirmation of his confusion. I'm beginning to think it's Alzheimer's. My facts are based on professional drivers' experiences, his "facts" are based on whether somebody is happy with their mpg or not.

Originally Posted by Zeeper View Post

But if how the car is driven affects mpg's, that would not make the Impreza an outlier.
Go back and look at 5 standard deviations instead of your straw man 2 standard deviations.

Originally Posted by Zeeper View Post

All cars have varying mpg's depending much upon how they are driven. This is not blaming the victim, it is factual.

I have already conceded that the Impreza is unlikely to exceed the EPA numbers much, even with hypermiling. It is easy and possible to get crappy mpgs if you never let it warm up, or drive it too fast, or aggressively.
LOL - again "all you have to do is hypermile". Like I said, I've gotten a legitimate 50 mpg. It was just driving really sloooowly.

Originally Posted by Zeeper View Post
By the way, it is also a fact that Consumer Reports recommends the car for its excellent mpg's for an AWD car.
"For an AWD car." Not in comparison with other vehicles rated the same highway mpg.

P.S. I rented a new Corolla this weekend and the mpg sucked. Not as bad as the CVT Impreza, but it still sucked.

Originally Posted by Zeeper View Post

PS: And like him, I can compare my Impreza to my previous FWD 2008 Hyundai Elantra, also a 5 speed. On the same exact drive, same speeds, and same driver (me) that car exceeded its EPA rating by about 1-2mpg (so it got 3.5mpg better than my Impreza for the same exact drive). The Impreza only meets the EPA combined number. Don't expect me to sharpen my pitchfork for a protest march on the EPA/SOA.
Also again, the problem is with the CVT, not the 5mt, and we're not talking about 3.5 mpg, we're talking about 8 to 10 mpg.
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