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News Subaru, FASTuuN, and Why?

Subaru Specific Tuning Training coming soon! (Mid June)

Get in the FASTuuN main course now, and get the Subaru tuning course as
soon as we finish the editing process.

Yes, you will get everything you need to know to learn how to tune any
engine in the FASTuuN EFI Simplified course. The Fundamental Knowledge.

Plus+ you will get every last detail regarding tuning YOUR Subaru! (02-13')

You will learn the ins and outs of what makes the Subaru engine unique and
its ability to make power. Also learn its quirks!

You will learn everything you need to know about using the features in the ECU.
WHEN to make adjustments,
HOW to make those adjustments and
HOW MUCH to adjust and
WHY of course.

So, why FASTuuN?

Besides Learning from home and saving cash on travel, hotel, car rental?
Besides Learning at your own pace with your busy schedule of family and work?
Besides the fact that our course is better priced then any other course on the planet?
Besides You will be learning from one of the top 20 tuners in the U.S. Shawn Church?
Besides Shawn was an adjunct professor at Pepperdine University and knows how to teach?
Besides that you will not find a harder working customer service department anywhere?
Besides a little while ago we started getting a ton of requests for a Subaru specific training and WE MADE IT FOR YOU.

We see a need and solve it. THAT'S WHAT WE DO AT FASTuuN!

Besides that we GAVE it to our FASTuuN members!

That being said, this Specialized Subaru training will NOT be teaching
the same material as the FASTuuN EFI Simplified course. The
specialized training WILL teach Subaru tuning intricacies,
and Engine Management Specifics.

In order to learn to tune the FASTuuN EFI Simplified course is mandatory.

For those who want more, the Subaru Specialized training will be a supplemental course.

Also, as far as the Group Buy I do not believe you will see
pricing like this again..

So, if you remotely interested I suggest you get in now.

It is lifetime access and you'll have it forever.

That's really hard to beat. Especially at $500 bucks.

Not only that but, here's what else we give you for free!

Professor Shawn Church our Master Tuner taught these topics in a two day Webinar.
Now in video form it'll only take you two hours total. Plus you can watch it at your own pace.

Here's what your missing out on:

Air, fuel, compression, spark for piston gasoline engines,
Before you start tuning, 4-strokes of the internal combustion engine, Fear of tuning,
Calculate engine displacement, Calculating compression ratio,Brake Specific Fuel Consumption (BSFC)
Volumetric Efficiency, VE and Torque Curve relation, Standard and absolute conditions
Importance of air/fuel ratio, Lambda, Calculating fuel injector size, Types of injectors
Basic electricity, Sensors, Mass Air Flow Sensors, Intake Air Temp Sensors
Engine Speed (crank sensors), Camshaft Sensors, Coolant Sensors
Throttle Position Sensors, O2 Sensors, Knock Sensors, Exhaust Gas TempSensors
MAP Sensors. Actuators, Intake Manifold Actuators, Camshaft Actuators, Idle Air Control Solenoids,
Spark plugs covering, Spark Plug heat ranges, Spark Plug gap
Detonation, Pre-ignition, Fuel, Octane, Alcohol Fuels, E-85, Methanol Fuels.

or at

We really hope we are painting a picture here.

and as always feel free to contact us in any way you wish.

[email protected]
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