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Originally Posted by dangyo View Post
I was going to order one till i noticed some of the complaints which seem to all be getting addressed. Paint not matching picture.. photoshop does wonder? paint chips... water-based subaru paint? dent on knob... poor handler? Hopefully, next batch will not be rushed and carefully done correctly so i can reconsider ordering my own.
The color changed because we changed powdercoaters. They don't use the same powder. So the change was because of that. They weren't photoshopped. As far as the dent, I have literally had 1 dented knob the entire time I've been selling knobs, well over 300 knobs. I am not sure where that came from, whether it was from machining and I missed it or it was dropped (not saying it was).

Originally Posted by spiderman.666 View Post
I never got a reply to address my issues.

I also want to mention I noticed mine has spotty paint chipping off. Had it for maybe less than a month? And I honestly hardly drive my car, and garage park only. So it's not like the sun affected the paint or i shift too hard........
I spent a bunch of time responding to you. I am not sure what I can do for you. If you would like to return it Vim or I will gladly refund your money. If you would like a replacement they will be done shortly and if you would like one of those I can accommodate that as well for you.

Originally Posted by dangyo View Post
That's just terrible customer service on their part. Sorry to hear, but at least you stopped me from purchasing one and im sure many others as well.
I'm not sure if you're saying terrible customer service on my part? This is not my full time job for what that's worth. I understand that I don't always respond in a timely manner, that may have been a miscommunication between Forman and myself, I think we were both thinking the other was going to handle it and we didn't. I apologize for that. However, you can ask everyone that has bought a knob for me, I have tried to go above and beyond to meet or exceed expectations. I moved across the country for a lot more intensive job, going back to school (full time grad school), and have 2 kids. So sometimes, this takes a back seat. I do try and respond and get to everyone as soon as I can, sometimes I miss things. In the end, I do definitely make sure the customers are satisfied.

Originally Posted by Forman Performance View Post
Just to address some of your concerns, it seems everything has come down to the new powdercoater. Anarchy Motive re-located after this group buy had already started. Nobody anticipated colors/finishes to be different than what was advertised. And in fact, Anarchy Motive did not either.

The few incidents of chips have been tracked down to improper preparation by the powdercoater. This has been address for orders moving forward. And those with defective knobs have been offered replacements.

For the ones that were properly prepped, they are still the same awesome knob that it was in the first few batches. If we thought corners were being cut, we wouldn't continue to support this brand. I wouldn't lose any faith in this product just yet.
This is definitely true. I had a world class powdercoater in CA. Unfortunately, to keep the cost low for you guys I can't justify shipping the knobs across the country and back and then out to you guys. It would raise the cost of the knob by $30+. That doesn't makes sense. I am working with a couple local people to find a powdercoater that can do what I want to the level that I expect while keeping my price what it is. I sell these for less than half of the other guys, a product that's made completely in the USA from USA steel and even packaged with US products, that's not easy to do at this price point.

As far as the color goes, honestly on a daily basis I get an email from someone asking if I can do the color in matte or satin or gloss. I cannot tailor the knob for everyone, not everyone has the same tastes. Well I take that back, but the lead time will go up and the price will be well into the $175-200 range. That's just not going to work for people. The point I am trying to make is, we changed powdercoaters and their powder company was different than before. We are working with a new company for powdercoat and they assured me that they prep differently and we are going to be good with this batch. I explained the problems and they know what they are used for and they are positive that they can do this with no problem.

I am sorry for all of the problems. I have sold over 300 knobs and probably had less than 5 actually have a problem, all of them have been from the batch with this powdercoater. Which is partially my fault and I will take the blame for that. There is a reason we won't be using them again. These issues won't happen again.
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