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Charlie, Pretty funny, but actually the wife is very easy on the car, short-shifting it most of the time!! If I run it up past 5K I'm accused of RACING!!! Thankfully, she's not always with me when I'm driving "her" car!! Problem with getting the repairs done on a Sat in a small rural community too damn far from home to do anything but drag it home, leaving my car with the Ladies (wife and sis-in-law) Couldn't see staying a few more nights in the motel, or more from the attitude of the Santa Rosa dealership "service" guy, and taking the trime off to wait, or come back to retrieve it. I'd rather deal with my local guys if I can, as far as take-backs, warranties, and the like.

Funny though, I was sitting in the shady grass out front waiting for my ride, and up pulls a mini-van and the guy asks if the GT is mine. We chatted a bit to find out it was a fella on this board, Chris, that works there, with a WRX Wagon. Liked my car and listened to me whine and cry for a minute. Nice to have the support at a time like that!!

Now I find out my folks have the long-tow coverage, and I coulda saved about $600!! WAHHH!! Think I'm gonna be sick!

Glenn O
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