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OK buy Nates beans


Originally Posted by gsrcrxsi View Post
Cupcake, the fenders are rolled and camber added to not rub. Plus there's plenty of space for travel before any hypothetical contact. I highly doubt it's "stiff as a stone"

My 450lb springs on my Feal 441 coilovers are actually quite comfortable. And anyone with the setup will agree with that.

Just because its not 225/45/17 RSRs, doesn't make it bad. Nor is everyone driving on the dirt roads that you CLAIM to drive on. Get yer head outta yer bunghole.

kiddie boiz like you doin it all wrong are the ones who need to stop doin that thinkin ya all k00 an ****

and my current jobsite is ONLY 2.5 miles off pavement
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