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So I've been tasked with doing some cosmetic mods for my girlfriend's GH Impreza and I'll be honest, I don't know anything about exterior/body work/paint and cosmetic mods in general. I had a few questions to ask about what I'm going to try to tackle this weekend so I'd appreciate if someone points me in the right direction.

The current task is to repaint or replace all of the existing plastichrome trim black. Right now all I've done is install a black fiberglass/mesh grill.

My first question relates to that. Her car's body color is silver and you can clearly see a bunch of the body color paint behind the grill. I didn't really have time to take a good look at it because I only had 30min to take her grill off, drill holes for the new one, and align it, but I figure you guys would know right away if this is something I can remove or if it's going to have to get painted in the car. I'm talking about the body color metal that's infront of the radiator. I want to be lazy and cheap but I assume I can't plastidip something so close to the radiator...

What's my best option here? How should I go about painting this black?

Once I have that sorted the only remaining tasks are to paint the headlight bezels black (I'm thinking I won't smoke them) and to paint the chrome trim piece on the back of the hatch black. How would I go about painting these? I assume a well done spray paint job would suffice but I don't really know how to go about it. Do I just paint over the plastic chrome and give it a lot of layers? I know it won't stick well. Or am I supposed to sand it down and paint over that?

Oh yeah she still hasn't decided if she wants me to do all the black bits in matte, semi, or high gloss finish.. I was thinking semi gloss but she wants it matte. Wouldn't that look weird in the headlight bezels or am I crazy? Her rims are matte black but she's planning on doing new rims/wheels/tires for winter anyway so anything's an option.

Thanks. Any tips in general for doing these jobs would be handy. I don't need any help talking apart the headlights etc, but I guess it would be nice to know what to call that chrome trim piece on the hatch in case I run into any trouble and need to ask another question..... I'd rather ask and get it done right than put together a cheap ****ty hack job.
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