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sgold - Steering didn't feel any different afterward, but it felt fine beforehand.

Sti - Actually, they didn't give me the alignment sheet, oddly. Guess I should get a copy - especially since I'm wondering now if they actually did what they said they did. Anyway, I'm going to have a different dealership balance them (vibration between about 77 and 84 mph) in a week or so, and see what they have to say.

Here's the whole story: At the 7500 mi oil change, the mechanic said the tires were wearing fine. That was at a dealership I sometimes use (where I'm going for the balancing), not the one closest to me, who did the alignment, and had also done my 15,000 mi oil change, at which time they said nothing about uneven tire wear. Doesn't mean there wasn't any, of course, but I assumed they'd have said something after my experience with the other guys, and I didn't think about it.

I bought a set of winter wheels/tires and put them on myself at 17,000 mi, and didn't think to check the Avids for wear then; but when I went to switch back in the spring, I noticed the problem. (Like - whoa, what's this?!) So presumably the uneven wear happened between 7500 and 17,000 mi.

I put the OEM wheels back in the same positions, as they'd only been there for 2000 mi since the last rotation, but the mechanic said the front tires were the worst, and recommended putting them on the back (which I shortly did). He suggested a front alignment, saying the front was much more likely to be out than the back - which I would have though too, but this is my first AWD car. And as I say, the front tires had only been on there for the previous 2000 miles.... So I had them do a 4 wheel alignment. There's about 3,000 more miles on them since then, and it looks to me like the rears have evened out a lot; but the fronts again seem to be wearing more inside. We'll see what the other (I think better) dealer has to say. BTW, should they do a 4 wheel balance for free?
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