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2013 WRX Hatch


Originally Posted by ssrcralliwrx View Post
All to similar to my own situation so i had to chime in! I moved, started new job, bought my first house, and got married all from april 1 2012-june 23,2012...and i too am 28 years old. I say go forester xt man!! the 02 bugeye with 20g and supporting mods while fun as heck..just started lacking in the needs category. So i went for a 2011 forester xt and have loved every single moment of it. While its a dog speed wise at face value, it worked for 2 reasons.
1- has plenty of room for puppy (also new) and baby on the way, as well as all the odd-jobs needed by a new home owner.
2-the correct base both in power and suspension setup are there for a fun spirited daily driver(being very interchangeable with the current wrxs) which leaves me with the opportunity for growth, rather then chucking it all out the window in the search for mpgs, room, creature comforts, etc.

just a thought, test drive one. and good luck!
Is your name Rich by any chance?

Originally Posted by Gallo2011 View Post
And OP, don't listen to me. Don't let the dealership touch your car.
I would have to agree with this.

Originally Posted by Napalm3nema View Post
With that much down your payment would be around $450 on the STi.

Drive both, let her drive both, then decide. One more for good measure.
You're the worst, lol. You might as well sit on my shoulder.

Originally Posted by Darth Wagon View Post
I feel your pain, OP. I just turned 37 and have had my WRX wagon for two years now after my Civic was totalled by a drunk parolee. I've had fun/sporty cars before the Civic (rwd Celica, 93 MR2) and I dreaded getting in the Civic every day. That drunk parolee gave me a great gift and I'm so happy with my WRX.

If finances are agreeable, trade the sedan in on a WRX hatch. Insurance rates are reasonable for the hatch (FYI: my 07 WRX wagon is LESS to insure than a base 07 2.5 sedan) and then come back to this thread to post a pic of yourself smiling in the driver's seat.
i was wondering how much my insurance would differentiate. Between 2 cars (themy fiance's Mazda 3 & my scoob), the ring i bought, and home owners, we're paying about $180-200.

Why are hatches cheaper? I don't get it. Less likely to have passengers = less liability?

Originally Posted by zergling View Post
Oh I understand that completely! It's pretty much the reason I got my '12 WRX instead of something far more economical.

As long as you do your due diligence in calculating your recurring expenses and leaving room for emergency expenses, then it's just a matter of how much disposable income you and your wife-to-be are willing to put into a depreciating asset. If you're both comfortable with losing disposable income to the monthly expenses of the WRX, then you picked the right woman you can now enjoy the WRX without any guilt

Just be very 100% honest with yourself. If you think there's even the slightest chance it can be a struggle, then it's probably wiser to suck it up for a few years and focus your disposable income on other "more important" things. Who knows, maybe you'll end liking the next-gen WRX better and/or you get a fat raise?
The vibe i keep getting post after post is, life is a struggle. Might as well make a fun struggle. seeing your posts are voice of reason.

Originally Posted by manualmotive View Post
I dont see myself settling down with a boring car anytime in my entire life. MPG in my WRX is a joke though, 15 average, ALL city with a sh*tload of stop and go. Worth it, f*ck electric cars And I'd go with a WRX over the STi for your needs, considering the WRX is barely slower. If thats somehow too slow for you, then stage 2 will put you out about $2k and you'll be faster than the STi.

C'mon... join the turbo dark side...

I know you want to
There's nothing i miss more than hearing the turbo spool and suck in nice cool air on a nice summer night (coming out of an S turn, of course).

Originally Posted by SlverEJ20 View Post
No one is going to talk you out of trading in your car. If you can afford it then do it. OR save up and buy a car for the weekends to have fun in.... BUT REALLY just trade the car in and stop thinking about it.
working on it!

Originally Posted by Rayman076 View Post
When I graduated college and started a full time job I went out and bought a 2005 pontiac GTO as a toy / play car. Loved the car to death but decided to trade it in along with my DD at the time ('06 Grand Prix) for a nissan Xterra a few years later....the X was cool and all for what it was but I desperately missed driving something fun. Needless to say last month I traded the nissan in for a '13 WRX. Once you've got the itch for performance cars you've got it forever, I say get what you want, life's too short to drive boring cars.
buyers remorse is the worst, isn't it? Especially when it's something you regret buying.
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