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Originally Posted by SmartMart View Post
Looks like we struck out on this one my man.

I wonder what the reasoning is behind me being allowed to smash my head off concrete, houses, other motorists, pavement, etc. on my bike with my DOT approved helmet... yet it's not safe for inside my car? *Brings up google machine*
Lawyers. When you ride your motorcycle on public roads you assume all the risks and your safety is largely your own responsibility. On a private track it is the responsibility of the facility and organizers to keep you safe. If you get hurt they get sued.

Snell M is more stringent than DOT, as described here:

Both Snell and DOT position the helmet on a test headform and then drop that helmeted headform through a two guided falls onto a fixed steel anvil. The test is repeated so that each helmet is impacted on at least four different sites on its surface against either a flat or hemispherical shaped anvil. Snell testing also impacts the helmet against a steel edge anvil that may simulate the edge of a sign stanchion or guardrail. The differences are in impact severity and impact criteria. How big an impact must the helmet withstand and how do the testers determine that the helmet actually withstood the impact.
Snell SA has even higher standards for helmets intended for motorsport use.

The motorsportsreg page said this about convertibles:

Convertibles must have factory hard top or factory roll over protection and both driver and instructor must fit below a line drawn from the top of the windshield to the top of the roll over protection.
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