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Originally Posted by cptplt View Post
The OEM "recommended" pressure on the plate by the door is the minimum pressure they think most of their customers will like the best in terms of ride, handling. As long as you do not exceed the tire manufacturers MAXIMUM pressure ( which is on the sidewall) you should be safe though your ride may be a little harder at very high pressures but its all different strokes for different folks.
Better 5 over than 5 under for any tire pressure! Unless you want to be like the Ford Explorer and Firestone tire affair.

One thing which has always puzzled me is that while they always say its the cold pressure which is important. What if you do wake up in the mountains of AZ say and the pressure is just below the tire manufacturers max and then the temp rises say 4o deg F (which should be a 4psi change) over the course of the day say . Should you adjust for that?

you shouldn't adjust tire pressures like that or for that...and there is no reason to be anywhere near max inflation, cold
That can be VERY bad as it can cause loss of control...for many reasons

depending on the tire, the MAX inflation should be 44-51psi.....if you start at wont get anywhere near that
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