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Originally Posted by sc00by4life View Post
Not sure why you keep bringing this up. Top speed has literally nothing to do with the power the motor creates. Top speed is purely dependent on gearing (at this level of performance we aren't talking about land speed record cars).
Top speed is power-related if you literally don't have enough power to travel at a faster rate due to the wind & rolling resistance. Gearing comes into play, but if properly geared, a vehicle can match the power available with the power required.

Originally Posted by sc00by4life View Post
And again, they DO have the same power on the freeway as they would on a dyno. I don't know why that's so hard to grasp that dynomometers calculate power post drivetrain and rolling resistance loss.

Keep arguing what you want about crank hp, because where it matters is at the wheels.
I'm literally saying that interia drivetrain loss, which influences the whp reading on a dyno, varies with the driving scenario, therefor the whp you see on a dyno is not always what you will experience on the street. Bringing it back around the sti vs wrx debate, it is conceivable that those different levels of drivetrain loss that make them have 'equal' whp may or may not be relevant in all scenarios.

Lighter wheels, flywheel, driveshaft, etc might all spin up a lot quicker than an STI's bulky drivetrain, resulting in more whp, but when that inertia is not a real factor, like when you're already doing 80mph and only asking for another 20mph, that whp gain / inertia advantage will no longer be relevant.
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