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Originally Posted by CASHxMONEYxMIKE View Post
I really like how bens pictures turn out. How much editing do you do?
My recipe is a full frame body (Canon 5D series) and a wide aperture telephoto lens (usually a 70-200mm f/2.8 shot near 200mm and always at f/2.8). I shoot from a low angle (usually 1ft or less from the ground) and use a circular polarizer. On a 3/4 (angled) shot I typically do 2-4 different polarizations and then combine them in post processing. This allows for the clean look with minimal reflections. I also try to shoot on overcast days or in the shad. No direct sunlight.

I edit in Lightroom for color balance and exposure. I also check contrast, white and black points, etc, but I usually don't change them much. In some cases I will use the local adjustment brush and add a little more contrast/clarity to the car itself (but leave the background untouched). I do the same adjustments on all of the polarizations. Then I move to Photoshop and layer the images. I straighten and crop at this point. Sometimes I will do minor dodging and burning, but usually not much.

That's pretty much the formula for all my car shots. Usually I go for simple backgrounds like trees or rocks. I try to keep a lot of space between the car and the background to increase blur/separation. Kind of boring, but it's a fairly clean look. I would say that I probably spend about 1/2 an hour shooting and up to an hour editing for any given set of 4-10 photos. Not a huge amount of time, but not just snapshots either. Here are some newer shots of the Forester with WRX wheels and sport grill:

Originally Posted by SkimSTI View Post
nikon d300s, nikkor 70-200mm f2.8 VRII shot at F4. 1/100th. 200mm, iso 200.

Looks good. A little cool for my taste, but I understand that's the style.
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