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Originally Posted by PearlRex11 View Post
There is always blow by. I was referring to excessive blow by, thought that was obvious, which would warrant using a catch can. I remember reading about someone using a company that makes them to whatever spec you want and for cheap. Imo catch cans are overpriced, there really isn't much to them. An EVO that goes to our weekly meet has a yellow rockstar can as his catch can, it's actually well executed and looks pretty cool.
Originally Posted by Celery GT-5 View Post
Its not superior, its faster in a straight line when its stock if you don't go past 120mph, how does that make it superior? Its obviously not I talk down about WRX's constantly lol, I don't see how I get singled out as someone who has a WRX superiority complex or something. I just tell the truth and the ostriches on both side of the fence don't like the truth.

As far as codes go it threw P3001, P3002, P3003 and P3004, misfire on all cylinders. I cleared it and I'm going to run through another tank of gas, pour in some techron and see if it gets any better or if the codes come back.

The only reason I think it may be gas is because I had stopped using this kwikfill station near my house because it seemed to make the idle issue worse so I had been using sunoco, which doesn't fix the issue but it doesn't seem as bad. So my previous tank was kwikfill, then I went back to sunoco for this tank and thats when it finally threw a code after a little bit of missing between the 2000 and 3000 rpm range while driving. The next time I started the car after that the idle was pretty shaky and the code came up a few mins later.

I cleared the code and drove it about 30 miles around the back roads the next day. It seems to perform fine except when its idling or cruising between 2 and 3k. Power seems fine too.

I might pop off the TMIC and clean out the TB too. I think this amount of blow by is pretty common giving the number of people who have had their TMIC to TB hose pop off which sure seems to happen because it gets too oily in there, there isn't like a pool of oil, its just a bit greasy. Maybe more gets by because its ****ty royal puprle 5w30 lol idk.
Maybe it is just the gas then. I'll take some pics of my TMIC tomorrow.
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