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Originally Posted by Rememo View Post
I finished the sound deadening of the front doors today, so I snapped some photos along the way.

First pop up the small cover in the door latch that hides the Philips head screw, and remove the screw.

Now pop up the small cover hiding the Philips head screw in the door handle, and remove the screw.

Starting at the hinge side of the door, slip your fingers inside the door panel and give it a sharp pull towards you.
You may need to slide something behind the panel to pry it up a bit. Don't scratch the paint!
You'll hear a distinct "POP" when the panel releases in that spot.

Work your way around the door counter-clockwise until the entire panel is loose. Once the panel is loose, lift it up to release it from the window area.

Here you can see that there are seven attachment points. (The white clip grommets)

Once you have lifted the panel free of the door, it will still have wires and the door latch connected to it.

To disconnect the wires, press on the release with a screwdriver and pry the plug out. Hint: Lay something soft on the ground so you don't scratch the panel while you're maneuvering it.

The drivers side has three wire connections. The passenger side has two.

Once the wires have been removed, you need to detach the door latch mechanism. Remove the two screws and the black plastic retainer. The latch will pop up and out, and the door panel will be free of the door.

You will probably see that some of the clip grommets have stayed in the door. While you can remove them using your fingers, it's much easier with the proper tool. Remove any stragglers and put them back on the door panel. Watch out for the black washers that are part of the grommet. Subaru uses two different grommet part numbers in the door, one has a washer, the other does not.

In this photo I have already removed the plastic that is attached to the door. I find it amazing that these doors can do so well in crash tests, since they are SO thin. (sorry about the blur)
Did the polk speaker fit perfectly and did you use any bracket to hold the new apeaker coz ima bout to fix my too and changing my unit im thinking pioneer or kenwood dvd player let me know
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