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90% is fine with the ID1000, they are actually good at 95% IDC at 8000 rpm's. If you want a bit of head room then get a Aeromotive, Fuel Lab or PnL FPR and crank your base pressure up to 55psi. You'll have plenty of headroom then. You'll probably want to have your tune tweaked for the added base pressure or you may run a bit rich and low pulse widths. Those ID1ks are plenty for your build and that turbo now especially that you have that pump.

My ID1ks are good into the mid 90's at 55psi base and 25psi boost on my Dom3.5/ 58 lb./ min. turbo and I have plenty of pump left. Same pump as you have and hardwired. I do have a very different motor than you. Yours is the stock EJ255 which I think is a great motor especially for E85 with the D25 heads and 8.55:1 CR. I have the same heads but well ported with big valves and a 9.6:1 CR with my MPS+2mm LR 2.5 block. I also have cams PnP'd intake mani and Killer B headers.

My ID 1300 testers are going in and I'll run some logs for Junior this week and put it back on the dyno at PnL on the 22nd. Junior gave me some maps with 50 psi base scaled for these 1300's. They should flow 1440cc's at that base and give me plenty of headroom and allow us to bump the boost back up to 28-29 psi on E85 and pick up some more ponies if all is well! I have the car on 93 pump right now with the ID1ks and it's making 23.5 psi boost in 3rd and 4th gear and feels very strong, my last VD graphs at this boost show it at around 440 WHP on the Dynojet setting.
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