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[email protected] 4eat xt record?


Yes i dont want to get rid of the id1000 i love the way the feel and idle and drive like stock. That is why i got the fuel pressure regulator from summit so i can bump the pressure to get them to flow better since i now have plenty of pump. It may be a no name cheaper one but i made sure it was a rising rate by 1:1 ratio so every psi of boost it raises the pressure 1psi just like stock and the more expensive regulators. Only difference i hope is this one comes with all the fittings and also comes with a gauge to go with it and if it does not work well i will get a name brand and use the fittings from this on theres.

Im not being a jerk at all but have to ask are you sponcered by killer b because i always here you mention them as much as you can? I personally have kinugawa elh and 3 bolt uppipe which is the same as gtspec,tomei and a few others since they are all made in the smae place but branded different and love the way they perform.
I have a new block coming in on monday to start building for the future since i am pushing stock internals to the ragid edge. I plan on using cp pistons but wonder if i should to the 9.0:1 compression or the 8.2:1? I am going to primarily use e85 and am going to use the stock ej255 heads and dont plan on any cams or headwork. Reason being is my 4eat will only allow my car to redline at 6300rpm and wont go any further since the tcu shifts at that point no matter what.
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