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Originally Posted by gpshumway View Post
You're being extremely diligent in this. Kudos for continuing to pester Blackstone and Amsoil.

Results were good? Big deal if those results were for another car, you paid for results from your car.

Since you're getting your oil from Amsoil any way, maybe consider firing Blackstone and getting uoa's from Amsoil. They're ~$10 cheaper than Blackstone when TBN is included.
Thank you, when it comes to the health of my DD I will try to do whatever I can to ensure it's healthy and in top shape.

I received a response from AMSOIL:

Thank you for providing the link to the Blackstone oil report which makes it much easier to fully answer your questions.

First, the viscosity. The range for an oil viscosity to be called 30 weight is from 9.3 to 12.4 cSt @ 100 degrees C. Your oil measured 9.71 cSt, so is still within the correct viscosity range. The drop in viscosity that has occurred could be from either fuel dilution or mechanical shear, but is not enough to worry about.

Next, the formulation. AMSOIL has not changed the formulation of this oil, but your results do show some surprising differences. For example, AMSOIL 5W-30 European Car Formula oil does not contain Molybdenum. Your first sample showed 98 ppm and could easily be the result of residual additives from the previous oil you were using. The next sample showed 15 ppm, which would be expected as the last traces of your original oil left the engine. Your third sample, however, shows 80 ppm. Since the oil you are using does not contain it, I canít tell you where it came from. Usually we see this when an engine is topped off with a different oil or when an aftermarket oil additive is used. The same situation exists with your Boron and Calcium levels, which were dropping and then rise on the third sample.

There will always be some variation is additive levels, both in the oil formulation and even in different lab tests, but your oil shows higher levels of Calcium, Phosphorus, Zinc and Magnesium than AMSOIL 5W-30 European Car Formula oil typically contains.

Finally, even with the additive level discrepancies, your wear metal levels are minimal. Whatever is causing the difference in additive levels is not affecting the protection of the engine.

Another note, according to the AMSOIL website, the European Car Formula is not the primary recommendation for this vehicle. It isnít wrong, but since the Subaru-determined drain interval is recommended because of the turbocharger oil supply screen, there are other products that can meet your needs at less expense. Just a thought.
I responded with:

Thank you for your response. Regarding the formulation of the oil - this is the second batch of 5w30 European that I've run, and these were run back to back (the 13,700 change, and this change at 17,700 both used 5w30 Euro).

This is the reason I sent you my previous inquiry. No other oils have been used since 13,700 miles, which is why I was surprised by the difference in results. My first sample used a synthetic flavor of Castrol, but the second and third are both AMSOIL 5w30 Euro. Additionally, neither my second nor third sample were topped off with anything at any point. Ultimately I found it quite strange that my second and third samples came back looking like 2 different types of oil! I believe that I may actually still have some unused oil left over in the bottles from both of these changes if you'd like me to send them in.

Thank you for your last note, and I am aware that this particular oil is not "recommended" for my vehicle. I've actually switched to your 5w40 full saps European blend to see if that will make a difference in the shearing I saw in the last sample. I'm not overly concerned with the expense - I'd prefer to do what I can to ensure a healthy and long-living engine.

Thank you again for your response.
I am a little hesitant to send AMSOIL a sample of their own oil for testing, they'd probably play favorites and skew the results in my favor

I will consider sending my next sample to both AMSOIL and Blackstone to see how the results come back. I am very curious to see if they would show the same results.
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