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Originally Posted by Screaming_Emu View Post
It's not a dick measuring contest, it's that your fear if turboprops just doesn't make any damn sense.

Turboprops really aren't a whole lot difference than turbofans. In a turbofan there are just more blades, they're housed in a cowling, and you can't adjust the pitch of them. If I'm going to get into a situation where I need more power, quickly I'd rather be in a turboprop vs a jet. Turbo fans have a pretty good delay from the time you push the thrust levers forward and you actually get any thrust out of it. Throw in the more predictable stall characteristics of a straight wing, I'd say you are probably more likely to extract yourself from a crappy situation in a prop.

Ill give you the fact that they are be as comfortable. If you're worried about young pilots, most turboprops have gone away in the past 10 years. Ill let you guess what the young pilots are flying now.
i would worry more about the economics that drive the business practices at tier 2/3 (turboprop) carriers as the primary safety issue rather than the type of equipment they operate.
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