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Originally Posted by Globerunner513 View Post
Perhaps its best suited for a PM, but what do you think of the ATP requirement for 121 pilots now? (the final rule on it all just came out today)

Now that regionals can't hire pilots with wet commercials, there is a small argument that wages and quality of life will slightly be better under the new ruling. An ATP rated pilot is certainly worth some amount more than a 250 hour wonder, but if that's how it will play out, who knows.
as a canadian, i'm just an outside observer with no skin in the game but frankly, i'm for it. up in the great white north there is nobody sitting in an aircraft over 12,5k lbs without an ATPL/IATRA and a type rating. there's also nobody making less than $35k in the right seat of a dash (and nobody making less than $27k in the right seat of a 1900 for that matter). i was aghast when i started flying corporate and heard that FOs in business jets in the US didn't need type ratings. no offense to anyone but a 250hr wonder is not who i'd want beside me or flying my family in the back when a stove packs up going in/out of aspen

do i think that the rule change in the US will change the pay scales at tier 2/3 operators for the better?... i sincerely hope so because the salaries in the states are just criminal if you ask me but the pay issue seems like a bit of a toothpaste back into the tube situation to me. the bean counters in mgmt always seem to find a new burning platform to keep costs low.

the new rules mean it'll be a tougher slog for up and comers but i think that at the end of the day newbies, the people they will share a cockpit with, and paying passengers will be better served by the added experience and maturity they bring to the operation. the hardest thing i do these days is decide which meal to have in cruise but every now and again i'll still reach into my old dog bag of tricks from when i dragged floats around the bush or slid around on arctic ice/gravel.
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