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June, 29, 2013/ July 13, 2013

What’s being installed: Feal 441 Coilovers and Alignment

Mileage: 8,390 (coils), 8,828 (alignment)

The mother load mod. I knew at some point, this car was going to be sitting on some proper suspension. Ever since the first time I drove it (a mere 4 months ago), I couldn’t wait to rid the floaty, soft feel that Subaru calls suspension. The car felt like it was driving on soft butter everywhere I went. In my quest to achieve the ultimate daily driver, without compromising comfort and practicality, I researched and researched on what my options were. It seemed like there were a ton of members in the same boat as me and all kept pointing towards Feal 441’s. I emailed Odi back and forth a few times and he answered all my questions I had and then some. Reassured me it was a setup that would suit my needs perfectly. I decided to look around to see if any vendors distributed these coil overs and came across Sonic Motors. They had some in stock and offered a great price. After a few nights of sleeping on it, I decided to pull the trigger.

Coils arrived about a week later safely at my doorstep. Upon opening the box, the coils definitely have a great presence. The quality is definitely up there with some major, well known brands. Everything looked great and knew it was going to be a great addition to the car.

Looking at my free time lately, I knew it was going to be extremely tough to dedicate a day and/or weekend to install them. Thinking about the endless adjustments I would do, jacking the car up and down, wheel removal, etc…. I started to feel the soreness just from looking at them. While I am a huge DIY type person, I wanted the car to be one and done. Figured I would pay a little bit more and bring it to a shop that has the experience and know how to knock the job out in an hour or two. Hit up AZP Installs and they were very eager to help me out. Scheduled my appointment for early Saturday morning.

Pulled up to AZP Installs and knew I was in great hands. Subaru’s galore all around the shop. Chatted a bit on how I wanted to car set up, handed the keys over, and off to work they went. Install was clean and everything went right up no problem. Nothing like hearing “it all went well” after the job was done. Soon after, I was on my way.

After my 2 week/400 mile break in and settle phase, I headed up to Akuma to get my alignment done. Arrived early Saturday morning and greeted by a beautiful GTR with some brembos and BBS LM's sitting out front. Everyone at Akuma took care of me and did a great job. Really cool they let you hang out in the shop as they do the work and make sure the customer is 100% satisfied. I had them lower the car a bit more since the initial coil install and they made adjustments, asked me to come check out height, requested moar low, so they hoisted it back up on the lift and got it sitting perfectly. The alignment was spot on! Drives straight and true. I went with -2 camber all around and 0 toe. Very pleased with the work from Akuma once again!

Impressions: Obviously, the lower stance made it all worth it. Suddenly, the NT03’s look even better and the entire car just looks right. Hopped in the car and I was on my hour drive home. What a perfect way to get to know the “new” car. Immediately, the firmer feel of the car was apparent. Body roll is completely obsolete and the car just felt so much more planted to the road. I felt way more in control of the car and it is way more predictable. Car definitely feels firmer on bumpy, back roads, however, not in a way where it is uncomfortable or unpleasant. It takes bumps and dips quite well and has a very stock-ish feel while driving. I played around the the damping a bit and set it at 21 front and 18 rear. Found the rid to be nice, but a little too bumpy for everyday. I decided to bring it down to 19 front and 16 rear. Perfect! The car is feeling and sitting just right for me. Wheel gap has been taken care of and I am one happy camper! Taken a few longer trips with the coils since the install and they have performed beautifully. Very comfortable on a long drive (200 miles) and takes bumps very well. Feels nicer than stock on the highway! I had 3 of my guy friends in the car with me this afternoon to go on a hike and everyone was comfortable and even complimented how nice the car rode. I was very pleased to hear that!

Thank you’s go to Odi at Feal for making a great product and AZP Installs for doing a seamless and clean install. Akuma for taking care of the alignment. And lastly, thank all of you for all the motivation, inspiration, and feedback! It’s all much appreciated.

What’s next: NOTHING. Going to enjoy the car how it sits for a while. Finally got it to where I wanted it, so it’s time to enjoy

Feal 441's

Alignment at Akuma

Some shop cars at Akuma

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